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Can Fixed Indexed Annuities Provide Guaranteed* Income For Life?

Is a fixed indexed annuity (FIA) a good investment? Well, first of all, it isn’t actually an investment. Instead, it’s an insurance product, which allows for safety and potential gains, being a guaranteed* income source. This is what separates putting money into an FIA from investing it into stock market accounts. Let’s discuss what makes an FIA a potential option to integrate into your retirement strategy.

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An FIA Can Offer Guaranteed* Income

FIAs come with some key benefits that certain products and plans don’t. First, an FIA gives you the chance to achieve guaranteed* income for life. Unlike stock market-based accounts that can drop in value when the market does, an FIA keeps your principal amount protected. This stability allows you to take income from it for the rest of your life. This is becoming increasingly important, as retirees are living longer and longer. Does the possibility of outliving your retirement savings worry you? An annuity may be worth considering. Furthermore, you can choose between many optional benefits, such as income riders. You could also be able to choose how you want to receive payments: monthly, quarterly, or annually.

What About Interest Rate?

How much you’ll receive in interest on your annuity is dependant on several factors. Insurance companies offer many different products, that each come with their own benefits. Interest rates vary based on the product, insurance company, and optional benefits you select. At Creations Financial, we work with trusted and reliable insurance companies who we believe are likely to back their products.

The insurance company protects your money from market dips. You may not see the same high-interest rates as money invested directly in the market. However, you do have the opportunity for reasonable gains**. This, in addition to your money not being at risk when the market is on a downward trend. It may be a trade-off, but it’s a fair trade. Your money stays safe, you potentially earn a lifetime income, and still have some potential upside.

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